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SIZE: 69" x 68"


The gorgeous colors in this beautiful design are Jacqueline's favorites. The soft peachy shades and pinks are flowing into each other in a natural way. Jacqueline added some touches of brown to it and together they turn this traditional design into a breathtaking beauty.

Although this design, a double weddingring, is a classic pattern, Jacqueline managed to turn this popular composition into a stunning beauty.
As you can see, beneath the weddingring circles, there's that sophisticated checkerboard in luscious peach and pinks, divided by her favorite black-and-white striped fabric. 

Because of the motion in this design, Jacqueline added three beautiful borders to it, which makes this design stand out even better.

The talented Lynda Jackson, of Capricorn Quilting, Sheffield, UK, is responsible for the fabulous and detailed quilting of this gorgeous quilt.


Level of difficulty: 4**** | Finished size: 69” x 68” | Technique: paper piecing

Serendipity - Be Colourful Pattern

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