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SIZE: 70” x 70”


​Another breathtaking BeColourful design!
A fabulous quilt of Jacqueline in the bright and colorful Rainbow colors.
Inspired by Art Deco, this design is a stunning wall hanging and could easily enlarged to a bed quilt.
It took Jacqueline a while to have the perfect colors for this quilt. There was the design and JJ wants to make this in another color scheme. However, it doesn't work. It was just not that what makes this design special and attractive.
Finally JJ decided to choose for the Rainbow colors. And not a bad choice!
It's a beautiful 6* pattern. A challenge, but so worth the effort!
The quilt work is stunningly done by Cindy Glancy, and Carolyn Bradley did the binding for Jacqueline


Level of difficulty: 5***** | Finished size: 70” x 70” | Foundation papers available: Yes | Technique: paper piecing

Fanciful Flight - BeColourful Pattern

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